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Group of volunteers and the women they help at Martha's Task.

Martha's Task

Martha's Task is a training and work program for homeless and disadvantaged women in the Bartlesville, Oklahoma area. At Martha's Task, trained and talented seamstresses support themselves by selling their professionally handmade gift items through our unique gift store. These women retain 100% of every sale. We serve women willing to stitch together the fabric of their talents and creative energies to sew up new possibilities!

It's a Win-Win!

The work created at Martha's Task is made possible by generous community members who continually donate fabric, sewing notions and used sewing machines, providing the raw materials that enable women to use their talents to engage in creative, productive, work. The community benefits by recycling items they no longer need into the materials that create jobs for others, and the women of Martha's Task are empowered with new skills enabling them to better support themselves and their families.


Martha's Task cannot operate without the generous donations we recieve from the community!

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