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Martha's Task Staff and Volunteers


Everything we do here at Martha Task is a result of the hard work and dedication of our volunteers. These amazing individuals have shared their time, resources and knowledge and have shown a wonderful compassion for the impoverished women of our community. We have many, many people who volunteer regularly or occasionally as their schedule allows. Here are a few of our featured volunteers:

Loretta Vives

Loretta Vives has been volunteering at Martha’s Task since we moved into our present location in 2000. Loretta is a kind, gentle, faithful, weekly volunteer who performs the ongoing task of placing donated fabric that has been laundered in the right spot on the shelves for the seamstresses’ easy access. Because we receive donated fabric almost daily, this is a very big job! Loretta lives to be of help to others and says that she likes volunteering at Martha’s Task, “where I know I can make a difference in the lives of others.”

Linda Quinn

Linda has a long history of helping others. As a child, she carried a tin of band aids on the playground so that she could immediately soothe the suffering of any child who scraped her knee! This compassionate orientation carried on into adulthood, leading Linda to Martha’s Task. Here, she comes in weekly to track seamstress’ data, including classes attended and earnings. Linda jumps in to help Martha’s Task in so many ways, including providing entertainment at parties and lending her singing talents at our fundraisers. Linda also has sewn hundreds of interment gowns for stillborn babies.

Pat Brown

Since beginning her volunteer work at Martha’s Task, Pat Brown tells everyone that, “I now know what I want to do when I grow up!” Pat began working at Martha’s Task helping seamstresses with a project or two, and served as a jack of all trades. Pat retired as a church secretary, but was trained as a vocational home economics teacher and quickly saw that she had the skills necessary to help the women improve their sewing skills. In 2002, Pat moved into the job of sewing instructor, and she has volunteered in this capacity since then. She not only teaches the women to sew, but she keeps the workroom organized, and is a tireless advocate for our program. Pat is motivated by a desire to work toward eliminating poverty and works each day to make the world a better place within her sphere of influence. Pat is hooked on the mission of Martha’s Task, and claims that despite what she gives each day, “the women of Martha’s Task give me much more than I give them.”